Which is the Best Subscription Billing Plugin for WordPress?

Subscription-based services are becoming more common in both our personal and professional lives. Businesses who develop software are increasingly choosing to offer their products under a software as a service model. By charging a recurring fee, businesses have an ongoing revenue stream from every customer.

Ideally, you want customers to be able to access your website, find out about your services, and buy and manage their subscriptions. The following plugins all enable you to add the necessary features for this to your WordPress site.


There’s a lot to like about ARMember and it’s hard to know where to begin. Let’s start with the user interface, which might just be ARMember’s best feature. The interface is incredibly user-friendly and is by far one of the best that you’ll find in a subscription billing plugin.

This user-friendly design carries over into the plugin’s admin panel. You will have no trouble getting everything set up to your liking. Once you’re in, ARMember offers up a rich feature set that makes managing your subscription options nice and easy.

Setting up access permissions so that content is locked according to membership level is really simple. Coupled with the easy integration with payment processors like PayPal and Stripe, ARMember is a great plugin for any website that is just now introducing subscription services to its audience.

This is an affordable option for smaller businesses and individual websites.

Rebilly WordPress Plugin

Rebilly is one of the biggest names in the subscription billing industry. They are among the most knowledgeable and experienced businesses providing subscription billing services to businesses. It is not surprising that they have their own WordPress plugin.

Whereas Rebilly’s services begin at $150/month, the Rebily WordPress Plugin is available for a much more modest $15/month + 1% of any revenue you make. For the quality of service that you get for that price, it is more than worth it. This is a pricing structure that can work at small and large scales, so businesses across the board can benefit.

One of the benefits of using a plugin tied to an industry-leading service provider is that their checkout page builder integrates with more than 90 payment processors – more than enough for any website.

Rebilly offers a 30-day free trial of the plugin, so it is worth giving it a whirl. You don’t have anything to lose.

Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro is perhaps the most lightweight WordPress subscription billing plugin out there. There’s no bloat here, the features you use to build your membership site are available as add-ons, so you only need to install the ones you need.

Restrict Content Pro enables you to build a variety of subscription-based services. You can use Restrict Content Pro to create membership levels and premium libraries of content that are restricted by membership level. Or, you can design a magazine subscription-style system for managing access to your premium content. There are plenty of customization options.

Restrict Content Pro also comes with all the tools that you need to enable your users to purchase and manage their subscriptions through your website. The plugin supports a number of payment processors, including PayPal, Stripe, and all the usual suspects.

Any of the plugins listed above can be used to manage subscription billing for your business. There are other choices out there, many of which offer free trials. Shop around and try some free trials before you commit.…

Getting Used to Your Hearing Aid: Your Go-To Guide

Once you’ve had your hearing aid fitted, you may find that some sounds seem much louder than they were before. With new sounds to explore and get used to, the adjustment period can be not only uncomfortable but overwhelming too. To make things that little bit easier, here are some useful tips for new hearing aid users.

Useful Tips

There are lots of handy tips that you can take on board to help you get used to your hearing aid. At the start, you may find yourself pulling out your hearing aid, especially if you experience sounds that you’re not comfortable with. It’s best to wear them for most of the day, otherwise, you won’t get the full benefits. When having a one to one conversation at home, wearing a hearing aid can help. You’re also able to use your hearing aid in noisier environments, such as at your local grocery store or on a busy road. If you’re looking for best hearing aids in the USA, you may be interested in checking out SENSE.

Have a Strong Support Network

Having a strong support network around you is important, especially when adjusting to your hearing aid. The whole process can be overwhelming, so having your family and friends around you can make a big difference. For example, if you are having difficulties getting used to your device, having one on one conversations with your nearest and dearest can help you get used to them. Having familiar voices that are easy to identify can help your brain reconnect the dots between vocal patterns, sounds, and non-verbal body language.

Follow Up Appointment

It’s likely that you will have to have follow-up appointments with your audiologist to help fine-tune your hearing aid. The reason for fine-tuning is to adjust them to your hearing and lifestyle, as well as being a good opportunity for you to address any concerns or worries that you may have about your new device. If you aren’t happy with something, it’s best to express your feelings, rather than bottling things up. It’s also advisable to bring a family member or friend to your appointments, as they will be able to give valuable information to your audiologist about your hearing from their perspective.

Practice Makes Perfect

When wearing a hearing aid, you will begin to hear new sounds, so it’s important that your brain has the practice and re-education to help you selectively filter and focus on sounds. While some sounds may startle you at first, your brain will soon acclimatize to these sounds. Also, remaining upbeat and having a positive attitude throughout the adjustment period can be a big help.

Having a strong support network around you is important in the adjustment period of having a hearing aid. While it can be difficult at first to get used to new sounds, you will begin to feel more confident, helping to give you a better quality of life. Staying in regular contact with your audiologist is important too, so if you have any worries or concerns, getting them out in the open can help when it comes to finding a hearing aid that’s suitable for you.…