South Americans are known not only for their ardent faith, longevity of spirituality and enjoyment of life as well as their fondness for partying at night but they are also known for their inspiring culture of festivals. You can attend their festivals wherever they are in the world. The cultural festivals of South Americans are the best regardless of their occasion, celebrating life, praying for the dead, soothing their irritated ancient gods or rounding of the harvest. The visitors to these festivals will get an extraordinary view of soul and heart of their roots.  If you are going to get any tickets make sure that the website you get these from are working closely and using a safe billing software to guarantee secured payments at anytime. Get familiar with these software and check out mytech to get more information. Most of the people attend festivals of South Americans due to various reasons including:

Colorfulness of the eventsEthnic costumesAmazing mouth watering foodTraditional dances  In fact, they assume that they can win the heart of their god through his stomach.  The adventurous and memorable lifestyle of South Americans is another reason for which people usually want to attend their cultural festivals.

So if you are planning to visit South America during next vacation then you should ensure that you can attend some of their festivals. Some of the popular festivals of South Americans are briefly described here to know these festivals more closely.   Achocalla, Bolivia  The origin of this festival is supposed to be La Paz, the unofficial capital of Bolivia. It is celebrated to mark the starting of harvesting potatoes. During this festival they invoke Pachamama, the Andean goddess of fertility, to provide lots of harvest and good rains. The festival ends with arqueada’, a colorful folk dance performed by locals in colorful dresses with pears’ garlands in their neck and bread on their head. You will have to visit Bolivia in the first week of January to attend this festival.

Semana Santa, Peru  This festival is the part of Easter celebrations in Peru. It is the biggest religious festival in this country as it is celebrated for 10 days. It is extravagantly hosted by the town of Ayacucho. It starts on the Friday before the Palm Sunday with a procession to honor ur Lady of Sorrows’ and continues to feature a number of celebrations during next 9 days. You can attend this festival from Good Friday to Easter Sunday every year.

Caracas en contratiempo, Venezuela  The Venezuelan festival Caracas en contratiempo is a great musical festival. It is celebrated since last three years. They allow over 20 music artists to display their art in front of the public of Caracas. This musical festival is supported by some of the successful businesses like Pepsi, Natuchips and Movistar etc. It is usually celebrated in Venezuela from 22nd July to 2nd August.  Rio Carnival, Brazil  It is one of the world famous festivals celebrated in South America. It displays the colorful lifestyle of the Brazilians. It explodes the streets of Rio with exposed flesh, colorful floats, millions of revelers and thumping rhythms of samba. Sambadrome is the main center of the main events of this festival. You will have to reach Brazil before the Friday before Lent to attend this festival that finishes on Fat Tuesday. Usually it starts near abut 15th of February every year.

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