There is nothing as good as spending summer weekends at a music festival that has nice vibes and beats. The best place to travel for music festivals is in South
American especially the Venezuelan festival Caracas en contratiempo.
All music festivals always turn out to miserable events among those people who went out for them without planning and getting prepared well. It is at the
camping music festival where you can spot music festival camping pros and amateurs.
It is always hard to bring all the necessities while traveling for music festivals in South America since some may be bulky. However, in this post, we have
highlighted some of the most essential things you need when traveling to music festivals.
Here are the things you need to include on your music festival checklist. They include:

Camping Gear

Many music festival events usually happen in summer when the weather is usually rainy. Therefore you need to carry a camping gear tent that is 4-Person Dome Tent. It is usually weather resistant and it can accommodate your entire luggage include the big air mattress. And if you are not the Bear Grylls type and would rather get the luxury of a comfy bed, there may be affordable accommodation nearby the festival you’re going to. Check to find out, you may find a good Air bnb near you!

Appealing and Affordable Clothes
When traveling for a music festival especially the one in Venezuelan festival Caracas en contratiempo, avoid carrying along your pretty clothes because the event is usually messy. At whatever cost, avoid carrying anything expense to the event. Go for cheap clothes that have amazing colors meant for the event and fix yourself in so that you will never regret at the end of the event. The music festival events carry all sorts of people with different social behaviour.

Cool Weather Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag should always be the first thing to include on your checklist meant for travelling to a music festival. At night the weather is always cool and
you will need to cover yourself in the sleeping bag in order to get warmth.
If you are not well prepared and you never afford to carry a sleeping bag, the chances of getting cold and other ailments are very high especially those
associated with cold weather. Get ready with a nice and cheap sleeping bag for the event.


They are the most suitable items for those people planning to attend the Venezuelan festival Caracas en contratiempo. The area in South America is usually
associated with a heavy downpour in the evening and there will be a lot of mad. Pack your boots and waterproof shoes in order to get ready on how to counter
the weather there.

Pack Phone Charger That Are Portable

In the recent music festivals events, the organizers usually provide charging sites for phones. In order to have an enjoyable event, always carry a portable
charger for your phone so that you can avoid queuing on the charging site.

Pack a Torch

Many of us usually attend music festivals in countries we have never visited. Therefore, it is always recommended to carry along with a touch since you do not
understand the terrain of the area. It will help you to walk around the areas easily due to the light from the torch.

Get a Sandwich Bags

Dancing the whole day will make you be very exhausted and hungry at the end. Therefore, you will need to pack some lunch in the sandwich bag. These bags
are very secure and you can even pack your phones inside when it is raining.

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