Getting Health Insurance Through Your Employer: Is it Worth It?

A common perk offered to new employees is health insurance. A debate has been raging about getting employer-provided health insurance with many people questioning whether it is worth it. If you are in this position and cannot decide, keep reading because we are going to look at the pros and cons of employer-provided healthcare so that you can decide if it is a good option for you or not.

Pros of Employer-Provided Health Insurance

There are three main advantages that employer-provided health insurance affords you. The main one is convenience. Shopping for health insurance can be difficult and complicated, especially for those who have never done it before. We found that health insurance quotes are particularly convenient for those who aren’t able to find the right coverage. Getting employer-based health insurance is the better option for these people. You do not have to go through complicated processes, which makes it easier to find coverage for yourself or your family.

The second reason is price. Your employer might be able to negotiate a good deal for you that you might not get if you decide to shop around. However, if the coverage does not seem adequate for what you pay through your employer, it is always a good idea to look elsewhere. Getting health insurance quotes online allows you to compare different providers to what you are getting at work and you might get a better deal this way.

The third reason pertains to people with serious medical conditions. Through their employer, these people might get better coverage and rates through the group policy offered by their employer.

Disadvantages of Employer-Provided Health Insurance

One of the biggest advantages of health insurance plans provided by your employer is that you will lose your policy once you move to another company. Although it is possible to switch to individual insurance after you leave, you could end up paying significantly more.

Another disadvantage is that you likely will not get adequate coverage. Most employers have plans that pay out two to four times your annual salary, while experts recommend that your health insurance plan should cover 7-10 times your annual salary. Although it is possible to get better coverage through your employee, that is often complicated and difficult.

Additionally, you only take what the employer has to offer. If you need a different type of insurance, you have no option but to go out and find a policy that offers everything you need. If you are paying for insurance through your employer while paying extra to supplement it, why not get the insurance you need on your own?

Finally, you lose the type of personalized service you can get from an insurance provider. Since you are not directly in touch with the insurance company, you have to talk to HR and they may not have the answers you seek.

Is it Worth It?

It depends on what your individual circumstances are. If you do not need coverage beyond what the employer provides, then this is a better option for you as you do not have to think about payments. It is also worth it if you are young enough to need much more than is offered. However, if you have a serious medical condition, need broader coverage or a different type of coverage, it is better to find a plan on your own. Employer-based health insurance is a convenient option, especially for those who want to cut costs and do not need robust coverage. However, if you need something different and do not mind paying a bit extra, a better option would be finding adequate life insurance coverage on your own.…

Which is the Best Subscription Billing Plugin for WordPress?

Subscription-based services are becoming more common in both our personal and professional lives. Businesses who develop software are increasingly choosing to offer their products under a software as a service model. By charging a recurring fee, businesses have an ongoing revenue stream from every customer.

Ideally, you want customers to be able to access your website, find out about your services, and buy and manage their subscriptions. The following plugins all enable you to add the necessary features for this to your WordPress site.


There’s a lot to like about ARMember and it’s hard to know where to begin. Let’s start with the user interface, which might just be ARMember’s best feature. The interface is incredibly user-friendly and is by far one of the best that you’ll find in a subscription billing plugin.

This user-friendly design carries over into the plugin’s admin panel. You will have no trouble getting everything set up to your liking. Once you’re in, ARMember offers up a rich feature set that makes managing your subscription options nice and easy.

Setting up access permissions so that content is locked according to membership level is really simple. Coupled with the easy integration with payment processors like PayPal and Stripe, ARMember is a great plugin for any website that is just now introducing subscription services to its audience.

This is an affordable option for smaller businesses and individual websites.

Rebilly WordPress Plugin

Rebilly is one of the biggest names in the subscription billing industry. They are among the most knowledgeable and experienced businesses providing subscription billing services to businesses. It is not surprising that they have their own WordPress plugin.

Whereas Rebilly’s services begin at $150/month, the Rebily WordPress Plugin is available for a much more modest $15/month + 1% of any revenue you make. For the quality of service that you get for that price, it is more than worth it. This is a pricing structure that can work at small and large scales, so businesses across the board can benefit.

One of the benefits of using a plugin tied to an industry-leading service provider is that their checkout page builder integrates with more than 90 payment processors – more than enough for any website.

Rebilly offers a 30-day free trial of the plugin, so it is worth giving it a whirl. You don’t have anything to lose.

Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro is perhaps the most lightweight WordPress subscription billing plugin out there. There’s no bloat here, the features you use to build your membership site are available as add-ons, so you only need to install the ones you need.

Restrict Content Pro enables you to build a variety of subscription-based services. You can use Restrict Content Pro to create membership levels and premium libraries of content that are restricted by membership level. Or, you can design a magazine subscription-style system for managing access to your premium content. There are plenty of customization options.

Restrict Content Pro also comes with all the tools that you need to enable your users to purchase and manage their subscriptions through your website. The plugin supports a number of payment processors, including PayPal, Stripe, and all the usual suspects.

Any of the plugins listed above can be used to manage subscription billing for your business. There are other choices out there, many of which offer free trials. Shop around and try some free trials before you commit.…

Getting Used to Your Hearing Aid: Your Go-To Guide

Once you’ve had your hearing aid fitted, you may find that some sounds seem much louder than they were before. With new sounds to explore and get used to, the adjustment period can be not only uncomfortable but overwhelming too. To make things that little bit easier, here are some useful tips for new hearing aid users.

Useful Tips

There are lots of handy tips that you can take on board to help you get used to your hearing aid. At the start, you may find yourself pulling out your hearing aid, especially if you experience sounds that you’re not comfortable with. It’s best to wear them for most of the day, otherwise, you won’t get the full benefits. When having a one to one conversation at home, wearing a hearing aid can help. You’re also able to use your hearing aid in noisier environments, such as at your local grocery store or on a busy road. If you’re looking for best hearing aids in the USA, you may be interested in checking out SENSE.

Have a Strong Support Network

Having a strong support network around you is important, especially when adjusting to your hearing aid. The whole process can be overwhelming, so having your family and friends around you can make a big difference. For example, if you are having difficulties getting used to your device, having one on one conversations with your nearest and dearest can help you get used to them. Having familiar voices that are easy to identify can help your brain reconnect the dots between vocal patterns, sounds, and non-verbal body language.

Follow Up Appointment

It’s likely that you will have to have follow-up appointments with your audiologist to help fine-tune your hearing aid. The reason for fine-tuning is to adjust them to your hearing and lifestyle, as well as being a good opportunity for you to address any concerns or worries that you may have about your new device. If you aren’t happy with something, it’s best to express your feelings, rather than bottling things up. It’s also advisable to bring a family member or friend to your appointments, as they will be able to give valuable information to your audiologist about your hearing from their perspective.

Practice Makes Perfect

When wearing a hearing aid, you will begin to hear new sounds, so it’s important that your brain has the practice and re-education to help you selectively filter and focus on sounds. While some sounds may startle you at first, your brain will soon acclimatize to these sounds. Also, remaining upbeat and having a positive attitude throughout the adjustment period can be a big help.

Having a strong support network around you is important in the adjustment period of having a hearing aid. While it can be difficult at first to get used to new sounds, you will begin to feel more confident, helping to give you a better quality of life. Staying in regular contact with your audiologist is important too, so if you have any worries or concerns, getting them out in the open can help when it comes to finding a hearing aid that’s suitable for you.…

5 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Hearing Aids

If you are struggling with your hearing, you may have been recommended hearing aids to help. The world of hearing aids can be slightly confusing – you may not understand how hearing aids work – especially when you take into account the wide range of manufacturers, styles, and features on offer. If you’re unsure where to start, here are 5 key factors to consider when choosing hearing aids.


When searching for the right hearing aids for you, you should pick one that features a directional microphone, allowing you to pinpoint the direction of hearing. Having the right directional microphone system will ensure that you hear more clearly and crisply. There are all sorts of directionality systems to pick from, such as fixed, dynamic, and adaptive, so doing your research is crucial.

Noise Reduction

Thanks to modern technology, most hearing aids today have some sort of noise reduction algorithm installed. If you often find yourself in noisy conditions, such as busy restaurants or traffic jams, it’s important that you’re able to reduce the background noise around you. Many hearing aids also include wind noise reduction, meaning that your system will be able to reduce the bothersome sound of rain and wind which can whistle over the microphone when you’re out and about.


There are many styles and shapes that hearing aids come in, so make the selection process that little bit easier by having a look at how they fit your ear. While some hearing aids fit behind the ear, others are custom built to fit snugly in your ear. The key factors that you will need to consider include comfort, personal taste, and the degree of your hearing loss.


Computers, smartphones, and televisions are the norm in the connected world we live in. With many modern hearing aids having the ability to connect directly to your devices, you will need to look at whether the hearing aids you like can work well in your home. If you have a smartphone, you may even be able to adjust your hearing aids, such as changing the volume or settings, without the need of having to touch them at all.


No matter what level of hearing loss you have, many hearing aid users have had trouble with a phenomenon known as feedback. This is when the microphone is held too close to a speaker, causing a loud, high-pitch noise. Thankfully, all modern hearing aids come equipped with feedback control, though some devices are better than others. It’s best to check out hearing aids that have excellent feedback control, helping to make your hearing aids feel more comfortable on or in your ear. What’s more, they will be less noticeable to those around you, especially if you feel self-conscious wearing them in public spaces.

When searching for the right hearing aids, it can be all too easy to go with the first one you see. However, researching into directionality, the types of styles available, and feedback issues are just a few key factors to consider before purchasing your hearing aids.…

What is VOIP and Does Your Business Need It?

With business becoming more and more digitised and more people choosing to work with clients over the internet rather than face-to-face, communication over different platforms has become a huge part of many businesses. If you want to stay on top of the game, you need the best VoIP phone services 2019. VOIP, also referred to as Voice over Internet Protocol, is a tool that many businesses are now utilizing. Read on for more information on VOIP and how it may benefit your business.

What is VOIP?

In simple terms, VOIP is another way to communicate with people from around the world, allowing business owners and clients to call each other over the internet instead of a phone line. Many people in the modern age do not have or use a phone line as mobiles have taken over. This is why VOIP allows you to call using your internet connection. VOIP is also much cheaper than a standard phone bill, meaning more businesses than ever are choosing this method of communication.

How It Works

VOIP simply works by receiving and sending audio between any two places via an IP connection. This means all you and whoever is going to be at the other end of the call need is an internet connection. As more people have an internet connection than a phone line, this is becoming a much more common way to communicate with colleagues and customers alike. The best part is that no installation is required – you can simply plug in the connection and hit go.

Benefits of VOIP

Some of the benefits have already been touched upon briefly above, but VOIP has many benefits for both small and large businesses. VOIP can be a very interactive tool and each business can choose what services they want from a VOIP service. You can simply stick to phone calls or, alternatively, include messages and video calls in your package. You can change this at any time as your business needs to grow and change.

A VOIP allows voicemails to be seen by anyone signed into the system, meaning voicemails won’t be missed and, therefore, better customer service can be given. A VOIP can redirect important calls if anything were to happen, whereas a normal telephone line could be down for days if there were to be a storm or unexpected outage. Finally, VOIP allows workers from all over the globe to join your business. If you work from home or have flexible workers that work in different parts of the country or the world, VOIP could be the best option for your business.

If you want to save money on phone bills whilst still providing excellent customer service, a VOIP could be ideal for your business. If your business priorities flexibility and has employees who work from home or need to travel, VOIP could be for you. There are many different VOIP tools out there, so comparing each system and its capabilities can help you find the one that is right for you. …

How Does a VPN Work?

A VPN, or virtual private network, is one of the most effective, yet easiest to use, solutions out there for improving a user’s privacy and security when on the internet. You may want to know the best VPN services 2019. If we want to do anything online, we are going to have to connect our devices to other devices – this is essentially what the internet does after all.

With more people taking note of the apparent lack of concern that big corporations show for their data, many of us are in search of a simple solution that will let us use our online devices as we usually do without having to worry so much about privacy. VPNs are a simple but very effective way of achieving this. Understanding how a VPN works will help you to understand exactly how and why it improves your online privacy.

What is a VPN?

There are two components to a VPN – the client application that sits on the device using the VPN, and a VPN server that hosts its own application.

The client application sets up an encrypted communications tunnel between the device (client) and the VPN server and ensures that all the outgoing data sent from the device is first encrypted and sent to the VPN server, from where it is passed on to the wider internet.

When a website receives a request from the user via the VPN server, the VPN server is the user as far as the website is concerned. This means that the IP address that the website logs will be the IP address of the VPN server, not the original device.

The website will return the same result to the request that it would if it was a normal user asking for it. Once the VPN server has this result, it can then encrypt it and send it back to the client, where the client-side application will decrypt it.


One of the most common reasons for using a VPN is the privacy enhancements that it offers. As we mentioned above, using a VPN means that online services won’t be able to discern the IP address of the devices you use. Given that an IP address can ultimately be traced back to a physical address, the want to obscure it is understandable.

A VPN enhances your online privacy and, while it is not a foolproof method, it is incredibly effective for something that sits on your devices and works automatically.


Because all of the encryptions between your device and the VPN server are encrypted, they can’t be easily intercepted and read by a snooper. Because they obscure the user’s IP address, a VPN massively reduces the chances of anyone targeting you or your IP address specifically.

Region Locking

An increasingly common use case for a VPN is to enable a user to circumvent region blocking. All the user needs to do is to use a VPN server located in a particular country and they can connect to the wider internet as if they themselves were in that country.

A VPN is an effective and affordable solution for improving the privacy and security of internet users. It won’t be able to protect you from everything, but it will make your general browsing significantly more secure.…

Why You Should Attend Festivals in South America

South Americans are known not only for their ardent faith, longevity of spirituality and enjoyment of life as well as their fondness for partying at night but they are also known for their inspiring culture of festivals. You can attend their festivals wherever they are in the world. The cultural festivals of South Americans are the best regardless of their occasion, celebrating life, praying for the dead, soothing their irritated ancient gods or rounding of the harvest. The visitors to these festivals will get an extraordinary view of soul and heart of their roots.  If you are going to get any tickets make sure that the website you get these from are working closely and using a safe billing software to guarantee secured payments at anytime. Get familiar with these software and check out mytech to get more information. Most of the people attend festivals of South Americans due to various reasons including:

Colorfulness of the eventsEthnic costumesAmazing mouth watering foodTraditional dances  In fact, they assume that they can win the heart of their god through his stomach.  The adventurous and memorable lifestyle of South Americans is another reason for which people usually want to attend their cultural festivals.

So if you are planning to visit South America during next vacation then you should ensure that you can attend some of their festivals. Some of the popular festivals of South Americans are briefly described here to know these festivals more closely.   Achocalla, Bolivia  The origin of this festival is supposed to be La Paz, the unofficial capital of Bolivia. It is celebrated to mark the starting of harvesting potatoes. During this festival they invoke Pachamama, the Andean goddess of fertility, to provide lots of harvest and good rains. The festival ends with arqueada’, a colorful folk dance performed by locals in colorful dresses with pears’ garlands in their neck and bread on their head. You will have to visit Bolivia in the first week of January to attend this festival.

Semana Santa, Peru  This festival is the part of Easter celebrations in Peru. It is the biggest religious festival in this country as it is celebrated for 10 days. It is extravagantly hosted by the town of Ayacucho. It starts on the Friday before the Palm Sunday with a procession to honor ur Lady of Sorrows’ and continues to feature a number of celebrations during next 9 days. You can attend this festival from Good Friday to Easter Sunday every year.

Caracas en contratiempo, Venezuela  The Venezuelan festival Caracas en contratiempo is a great musical festival. It is celebrated since last three years. They allow over 20 music artists to display their art in front of the public of Caracas. This musical festival is supported by some of the successful businesses like Pepsi, Natuchips and Movistar etc. It is usually celebrated in Venezuela from 22nd July to 2nd August.  Rio Carnival, Brazil  It is one of the world famous festivals celebrated in South America. It displays the colorful lifestyle of the Brazilians. It explodes the streets of Rio with exposed flesh, colorful floats, millions of revelers and thumping rhythms of samba. Sambadrome is the main center of the main events of this festival. You will have to reach Brazil before the Friday before Lent to attend this festival that finishes on Fat Tuesday. Usually it starts near abut 15th of February every year.…

Must-To-Do Tourist Activities in South America

If you are in South America, then you have several chances to experience extraordinary vacations. The continent is marked with travel-friendly countries including, Ecuador, Bolivia, the Galapagos Islands, Peru, Colombia, Chill and many more. All you have to do is to collect information about the tourist attractions in-and-around the countries and schedule your holiday plans.

But, with scores of travel destinations, you may get confused to sort out the activities which will suit your taste and temperament. If so, then take a look at the must-to-do tourist activities in South America and plan your trip accordingly.

• Bird watching in Ecuador
The Andean and Amazon regions in Ecuador are ultimate destinations for bird watching. The lush forests are home to about 1, 600 species of birds. You will easily come across the different varieties of kites, eagles, hawks, macaws, ducks, parrots, hummingbirds, kingfishers etc.

• Cruises in the Galapagos Islands
Your South America tours will remain incomplete if you miss out to experience cruises in the Galapagos archipelago. While cruising, you can have the close glimpse of sea creatures like sharks, sea lions, hammerhead sharks, sea turtles, shorebirds etc. Besides capturing the marvelous marine lives from the ships, you can experience scuba diving/snorkeling in Santa Cruz Island, Gardner Bay, Tortuga Bay etc.

• Exploring Machu Picchu in Peru
Machu Picchu is an UNESCO-declared World Heritage Site in Peru. Situated at an altitude of 2,430 meters above the sea level, this city represents the
architectural marvel of the pre-Columbian era. It attracts over 500,000 visitors per year.

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The Best Festivals And Celebrations in South America

You must have heard about carnivals of South America. In countries like Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, carnivals are much popular than other countries. They usually start before the start of Lent, Mardi Gras in parts of Argentina. Who can forget the pleasure of attending Rio’s marvelous party? People, singing and dancing on streets and enjoying a lot on the music beat. It feels so good to be a part of grand celebrations. Why restrict yourself from attending this grand festival? Make your plans while the carnival is ongoing and the whole South American is in a party mood?

Virgen de la Candelaria
The festival is mainly celebrated in countries of Peru and Bolivia. For most people, Virgen de la Candelaria is a religious icon in these countries. To honor the symbol people of these countries start partying and participating in parades in order to maximize their fun. The festival combines the mixture of ancient local beliefs and Christianity in these regions. People come and enjoy to the fullest with an improved vibrancy and feel of music and dance in the entire two weeks.

New Year’s Eve
A new year’s eve is one of the most loved time of every country includes the South American nations. Millions of people dress up in their best costumes to participate in the ceremony where you can enjoy fireworks, concerts, and much more. In Chile, you may observe Valparaíso rings with a bang.

Venezuela Festivals
Venezuelans are crazy to visit friends, family, and the beach during Christmas (until mid-January), Venezuelan festival Caracas en contratiempo, Carnival (several days before Ash Wednesday) and Semana Santa (Weekdays). Holy, the week before Easter Sunday). These periods are colorful and animated with many festivities, but you may need to plan accommodation and transportation.

Essential Things You Need When Travelling To Music Festivals

There is nothing as good as spending summer weekends at a music festival that has nice vibes and beats. The best place to travel for music festivals is in South
American especially the Venezuelan festival Caracas en contratiempo.
All music festivals always turn out to miserable events among those people who went out for them without planning and getting prepared well. It is at the
camping music festival where you can spot music festival camping pros and amateurs.
It is always hard to bring all the necessities while traveling for music festivals in South America since some may be bulky. However, in this post, we have
highlighted some of the most essential things you need when traveling to music festivals.
Here are the things you need to include on your music festival checklist. They include:

Camping Gear

Many music festival events usually happen in summer when the weather is usually rainy. Therefore you need to carry a camping gear tent that is 4-Person Dome Tent. It is usually weather resistant and it can accommodate your entire luggage include the big air mattress. And if you are not the Bear Grylls type and would rather get the luxury of a comfy bed, there may be affordable accommodation nearby the festival you’re going to. Check to find out, you may find a good Air bnb near you!

Appealing and Affordable Clothes
When traveling for a music festival especially the one in Venezuelan festival Caracas en contratiempo, avoid carrying along your pretty clothes because the event is usually messy. At whatever cost, avoid carrying anything expense to the event. Go for cheap clothes that have amazing colors meant for the event and fix yourself in so that you will never regret at the end of the event. The music festival events carry all sorts of people with different social behaviour.

Cool Weather Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag should always be the first thing to include on your checklist meant for travelling to a music festival. At night the weather is always cool and
you will need to cover yourself in the sleeping bag in order to get warmth.
If you are not well prepared and you never afford to carry a sleeping bag, the chances of getting cold and other ailments are very high especially those
associated with cold weather. Get ready with a nice and cheap sleeping bag for the event.


They are the most suitable items for those people planning to attend the Venezuelan festival Caracas en contratiempo. The area in South America is usually
associated with a heavy downpour in the evening and there will be a lot of mad. Pack your boots and waterproof shoes in order to get ready on how to counter
the weather there.

Pack Phone Charger That Are Portable

In the recent music festivals events, the organizers usually provide charging sites for phones. In order to have an enjoyable event, always carry a portable
charger for your phone so that you can avoid queuing on the charging site.

Pack a Torch

Many of us usually attend music festivals in countries we have never visited. Therefore, it is always recommended to carry along with a touch since you do not
understand the terrain of the area. It will help you to walk around the areas easily due to the light from the torch.

Get a Sandwich Bags

Dancing the whole day will make you be very exhausted and hungry at the end. Therefore, you will need to pack some lunch in the sandwich bag. These bags
are very secure and you can even pack your phones inside when it is raining.